Robert | A Comeback Story

On September 27th, 2015 forty-nine year old army veteran, Robert Davis, presented to the ER with a severe headache. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and placed in observation for a one-night stay, with a discharge pending the following day. The next morning his nurse came in to check on him, and although his blood pressure was still a bit high, he was still set to discharge home.

However, shorty before his discharge at 4pm his condition took a turn for the worst. Robert’s brother was at the hospital visiting when all of a sudden Robert became very hot and was seeing double. He turned on his call light and the next thing he remembers is code stroke being called and staff rushing into his room. Robert was in and out of consciousness as the next few days progressed, and all he remembered from that time was waking up and saying “I don’t want to die”. Robert remembers being unable to move the left side of his body at the hospital. He was later transferred to Carle hospital and eventually referred to North Logan Health Care Center for a rehab stay.

This is where Robert’s comeback story begins. Robert began his therapy with his therapists, one named Les and one also named Robert. At that time, the left side of his body was debilitated from his stroke and he was still struggling with double vision.  Robert was feeling knocked down, but knew he would get back up because nothing was going to keep him down. Robert only had 34 days in therapy and was determined to make the most of each of day. He would spend between 2 and 4 hours a day in therapy and although he was exhausted when he was done, he would go back to his room and continue to work on exercises his therapists Robert and Les had taught him.

Robert continued to get stronger every day. He could stand for longer periods without assistance, and was able to walk a little further each day. Today I watched Robert speed-walking down the hallway with his therapist Les and wondered who was getting the better workout. Robert shook my hand with his left hand and the strength he used was a testament to how far he has progressed in his short time at North Logan.

I spoke with Robert regarding his therapy at North Logan Health Care Center and this is what he had to say:

“I knew that I was going to get better, but I believe it is because of Robert and Les that I was able to recover so fast. You can tell Robert and Les truly love their jobs and want to see their patients succeed and go home. They take this job to heart. I never knew what I was going to get myself into during therapy. They both believe the first step to therapy is their positive attitude that the resident will recover. The resident must also have a positive attitude about their recovery. I really believe they would sit back at night and think back to their training on new exercises or activities they could do to help me push my limits and make me successful with each and every therapy session.”

Robert is the owner of Davis BBQ here in Danville, Illinois. He has 3 children – 2 daughters and 1 son. Robert’s oldest daughter lives in Texas and will be graduating from college this December. Robert told us his children wanted to rush to Danville upon hearing he had a stroke, but he insisted they stay in Texas and finish school. During Robert’s therapy, he continued to think about his daughter’s graduation and made a promise to himself that he would be able to walk with his daughter at graduation.
North Logan Health Care Center would like to congratulate Robert on his success and wish him the best of luck in his future!