Meet John Alsop | Born in 1929

Mr. John Alsop was born in Champaign, Illinois, into a family with 12 children. "I was born in a barn. No really, I was really born in a barn. The barn had three extra rooms added to it and the only light/electricity was in my parent's room," stated John.

John was married at the age of 20, two months before his 21st birthday. John said his father did not approve of any of his children getting married before their 21st birthday. "My mom liked my wife so she was able to convince my father that it was okay." John has been married to his wife for 65 years. He told me that the secret to a happy marriage, "I was away half the time (ha ha)." John also stated that the real reason he's had a successful marriage is that they both didn't like having arguments and they worked out their issues.

John was "drafted" into the Korean War. When I asked him what he meant when he was "drafted into the war?" John stated that his wife got him drafted into the Korean War. She was worried that if he was actually drafted into the Korean War that he would get shot, so she encouraged him to enlist into the Navy instead. John was stationed on Gordon Ship along with 10,000 soldiers.

John had several jobs from digging trenches for plumbers to working in hardware stores. After the Korean War in 1945, John finished Railroad School that he started in his teens. John worked on the railroad for 42 years.

John's claim to fame is that he loves to Karaoke and he used to be an amateur body builder.

Over the years, John has suffered from many strokes, which caused him to end up in the hospital initially.  Due to injuries from the service, he developed a lot of back pain. From the VA Hospital, his daughter picked North Logan Healthcare Center to complete his rehabilitation. He has been with us since the last part of November.

When asked if he has liked his stay here so far, John replied, "Oh, definitely." Along with that, John came to us requiring maximum assist due to all the pain that he was having from his back. "Robby fixed my back. I"m not having as much pain as I used to,"  John is now getting around with supervision with a rolling walker. John is still receiving therapy so that he can return back home to his maximum independence sot that he will be better able to take care of his ailing wife at home.

Katie Clodfelter