Kent Leasure | Tell Us Your Story

Kent Leasure came to North Logan Healthcare Center for therapy late last year.  He worked very hard with our therapy department to get stronger and return home for the holidays.  Mr. Leasure return to North Logan Healthcare Center in March for additional therapy services.  When the hospital asked him where he wanted to go for therapy Mr. Leasure stated, “take me to North Logan Healthcare Center, “ he said he had such success with his prior visit last year.  Kent is expected to make a full recovery and return home next week just in time to enjoy summer.  Mr. Leasure is a local business owner of Leasure Funeral Home in Georgetown, it was such a pleasure to share stories of him and his family while he was here.  He is very proud of his daughter who works for Nike and has a passion for running.  He has ran marathons in the past and wants to continue his dream of running again in the future.  We wish Mr. Leasure much success to continue his passion of running and spending time with his family.